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Elizabeth is from Fort Worth, and is getting married here in December. She lives in Orlando, but is town for her bridal portraits. Those are her REAL lashes, people. Amazing.

Eyes: Savage cream shadow, Black moon pencil,Star Sailor Duo eye shadow(metallic khaki), Night Breed single shadow, Himalayas single shadow, (All by NARS) Voluminous Mascara(L’oreal) in Carbon Black.

Cameron is getting married the end of August, and today we did her run through/bridal portrait makeup.

We opted for a layered eye, starting with:

Lili Marlene Cream Eyeshadow by NARS,
then adding Himalayas by NARS over that,
and finally darkening and rimming the top lashline with Night Breed by Nars, a matte black with silver glitter.

Plenty of Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal on top and bottom lashes.

Primer by Smashbox

Foundation by Chanel

Concealer by Becca

Powder by Laura Mercier

Lip Glosses by Sephora

This look took about 25 minutes. She’s adding false eyelashes on her wedding day.

See you soon Cameron!

Sara’s mom emailed me about makeup, and I went to their home in Aledo to do her makeup. Luckily they were extremely patient, because Spencer was in tow, and had just woken up from a nap.
Sara is beautiful and has a naturally exotic look. She wanted to go vintage.(Something tells me this is a trend….) I tried to meet halfway with a smokier cat eye, lashes, and a pop of teal in the inner corner.(I am in love with teal lately, sorry. Nails are teal, I wear teal eyeliner, I wish I had a teal unicorn….)
Anyway, Sara and her mom were so great, Sara is a theater buff and is currently in Aledo’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof” and is planning to enter Auburn in the fall with a double major of Theater and Public Relations.
This is Sara, she’s going places!!

Megan contacted me about doing her makeup for her July 28th wedding, and today was her trial run/bridal photos in Bridgeport.
We hadn’t discussed style, but when I arrived and she told me what she wanted I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Vintage. Old Hollywood glamour.

A stylized version for an upturned cat eye, with some purple and teal pops of color to match the dark purple flowers and peacock feathers of her bouquet.(With LASHES of course!!) A matte red lip, (Cruella Velvet Matte Pencil by NARS) and porcelain, matte complection with pink blush. She is beautiful, and I look forward to her August wedding, thank goodness it’s inside!! (And thank goodness for NARS oil free primer!!)

I had the wonderful honor of doing the makeup of Katie Schmid and her bridal party at the home of her mother, Claire. I did her sister Mary’s makeup for her wedding, and we did it the same way, at her mother’s home, friends coming and going, listening to music, and relaxing.
The wedding was at 6pm, so we got an early start to make sure the party could leave for photos by 2:30pm. Amazing hairstylist Sarah Walker-Brittain of the Bee’s Knees Hair Studio in Fort Worth was booked for the entire day, and did everyone’s hair based on their taste. Makeup was also done based on the individual’s style. The styles ran the gamut, there were the “I NEVER wear makeup” variety, and The “I LOVE makeup and wear a TON” types as well.

I pride myself in doing exactly what the client wants. I don’t want to freak anyone out, or make them feel uncomfortable asking to change something. I really don’t get offended if it’s not what you envisioned, and you would like me to change it. I ultimately want you to feel beautiful, and not at all self concious.

Mary, for instance(First photos in the gallery) loves a dark dramatic eye. False lashes, lots of blush. She wants to look like she’s wearing makeup.

The Bride’s sister in law, on the other hand, (Second person) wears no makeup on a regular basis, so I just accentuated her beautiful features, and evened out her skin.

The photos of Katie(she’s the last one) show her without false lashes, and with. Most of the girls opted for lashes, and I provide those. I just wanted to show what a difference they make.

The gallery below is an example of a well planned and executed relaxing wedding day preparation. Congratulations Katie Schmid-Coffee!!

Just perfect. She has such a beautiful face, and uncomplicated makeup with a beautiful and flattering color. She’s my pick for prettiest chick at the Oscars.

Happy Oscar Sunday Makeup Fans! I love watching how gorgeous all the actresses look, especially considering the team of experts hired to make them look this way! These looks I have posted here, are all easily acheivable, and with a little guidance and instruction, the right tools, and products, you can do it all yourself! Call me if you want to learn, or feel free to pin anyof these for future events you may have coming up. I really think Rooney Mara’s look would be gorgeous on a bride. Rose lips, and neutral eyes with lashes? Classic, pretty and put together.

My pick for most likely to look gorgeous tonight at the Oscars? Rooney Mara. She has that Audrey Hepburn gamine glamour thing DOWN.

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

– Calvin Klein

Maybe Giselle can, but I can’t leave the house with NO makeup anymore. Dark circles are natural at age 42, but they ain’t pretty. I need concealer, but I can’t slap it on like spackle.

My lashes are wimpy, so I need a little mascara, and eye drops, and a little liner pushed into the root of my wimpy lashes makes me look well rested.

A little tinted moisturizer makes me look dewy and more even. but if it’s not applied right, or is the wrong shade, I can look worse.

a little color on my lips…some blush, some bronzer….and you would never know I had makeup on.

I am a professional makeup artist, I have tons of experience with brushes, sponges, eyelash curlers, different concealer textures and formulas…..I’m obsessed with the perfect foundation.

Let me help you look fresh, put together, brightened up, pretty.

Call me! My contact information is on my website, and I cater to all types of clients. I design your look based on what you tell me, not what’s trendy, or in style. I just want you to look pretty and feel confident putting on your makeup.

Happy New Year!


my new secret weapon

Yep, That’s right, Aspirin.

I haven’t taken aspirin for a headache, and I’m not sure why we have it on hand, but I was up Googling what “home remedies” to try for the crop of zits that has taken over the right side of my chin. Seriously, 10 zits.

So I crushed up an aspirin with the back of a spoon(I felt so Sid and Nancy) and made a paste. I put the paste on that family of zits and let it dry.

I rubbed it a little for gentle exfoliation to remove it and then…….

…..It was as if the pimple fairy came and just sucked all the yuck out of those Pimpletons and told them to move the hell outta town. GONE. Immediate gratification. Sayonara.

I did a little more reading, and seems you should only reserve this method for emergencies, because, transdermally, you could “take” a little too much aspirin. But we’re not talking about chronic acne, we are talking about that “morning-of-the-wedding-oh-shit-I-have-a-zit” zit.

Don’t crush 10 aspirin and put it all over your face like a mask, you junkie.

Spot treat a zit and walk away. It’s MIRACULOUS.<---I apologize for the caps, but it's that good. Now go wash your face, put down those french fries, and go to bed.

Kathy And Karen

I did makeup for Kathy Martinez-Babaa’s wedding today at Robson Ranch just North of Denton. Kathy’s mom was apprehensive about having her makeup done, because she “never wears makeup”. I reassured her and gave her a look that I feel looks modern, simple, enhanced and youthful.
Kathy is a makeup LOVER. She was totally cool with color, and I think her look is stylish, modern, but a little fun. I paid purples, plums, and pinks with a pop of gold. Adding a subtle pop of color adds interest, it doesn’t have to be bold, just a sheer wash of a contrasting color.

Congratulations, Kathy, you were a gorgeous bride, and a really sweet person!

Kathy, before

Kathy, after

Kathy's eyes, detail.

Karen, Kathy's mom, before

Karen, after