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Cameron is getting married the end of August, and today we did her run through/bridal portrait makeup.

We opted for a layered eye, starting with:

Lili Marlene Cream Eyeshadow by NARS,
then adding Himalayas by NARS over that,
and finally darkening and rimming the top lashline with Night Breed by Nars, a matte black with silver glitter.

Plenty of Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal on top and bottom lashes.

Primer by Smashbox

Foundation by Chanel

Concealer by Becca

Powder by Laura Mercier

Lip Glosses by Sephora

This look took about 25 minutes. She’s adding false eyelashes on her wedding day.

See you soon Cameron!

Here me now.

No matter what coloring you are.

Plain Jane? Glamourous?

Voluptuous? Flat chested? Beanpole?

Thin lips? Huge lips?

You can all wear red lipstick. And it gives you power. Instant style.

Find the right shade. Try it on. Every woman needs one, at least one.

When trying on red lipstick, here are the things you must do to make it a little easier to decipher what looks good on you.

1. Wear foundation. Evening out your skin, and getting rid of any redness will keep the lip color from “competing”, and drawing attention to any imperfections.

2. Wear some eyeliner, at least in the top lashline, and mascara. You need balance. Lips are the focus, but wearing nothing else on the face makes it overwhelming to just have RED LIPS.(see photos)

3  If you try one on, and don’t like it, take it off using eye makeup remover. Re apply foundation or concealer and a little powder so you don’t have a “ring” of redness around your next shade. The next shade will look like crap.

4  Take a trusted friend with you, or have someone you trust to help you.(like me!! “wink wink”)

5 You don’t have to match your red to your clothes. Find a shade that looks good on you. You  can wear it with a white shirt and jeans, or that little black dress.

Some of my favorites:

MAC: Russian Red

NARS:  I love the Velvet Matte pencils. They are essentially lipstick in a “sharpenable” pencil form. Matte, long wearing, and easy to create symmetry when applying. No need for a pencil AND a lipstick. Great accessory to another lipstick. Comes in several shades of red.

Cruella(true red) Red Square(orange red) Forbidden Red(blue red)Damned (cabernet)

Nars also makes a few Lip Stain Glosses which aren’t really glossy at all. The “Gloss” in the name refers to the delivery system. It comes in a tube with a sponge tip wand. They are really indelible, and bleed resistant if applied correctly.  Pull out the wand and dab sponge tip with a tissue. Apply color until the desired strength. You can apply it sheer or strong. When it dries, it’s really matte.

Those are just a few of my favorites, go to your favorite counter and try some on. I recently saw a post on Facebook where some woman said, “I wish I looked good in red lipstick”

I call bullshit, ladies.

I did a photoshoot on Saturday, and put red lipstick on everyone there. Everyone looked so polished, so strong.

It doesn’t have to be FIRE ENGINE RED. Find one that suits you. Having a signature “go to” lipstick is like choosing a fragrance. it’s yours. Own it , girl.

Lately I have been slacking. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at Target the other day, and thought, “jeez, my daughter simply can’t have such a scrungy looking example in her face. I can do a little better than this!!”

I always have time to dab a little concealer on the inner corners of my eyes, and on either side of my nose. Getting rid of the redness, I look less sick. THEN, I can throw my lash curler, eyeliner,  NARS Malibu multiple stick, and MAC Get Rich Quick gloss, in my bag to add some color at traffic lights.

NARS the Multiple is a product tested for safety around eyes, lips and the face. I haven’t used in in a few years, but it’s back in my bag again, living up to the Allure “Best in Beauty” title it’s earned year after year. This particular one, Malibu, has just enough bronze and pink to add color without having to blend for 10 minutes. It’s mistake proof. I have to put a gloss over it on my lips, but everywhere else, using just your fingers, it gives you a more finished look.

NARS The Multiple in Malibu

I just bought 3 new lip glosses at MAC, and I feel like a new woman. Skinnier, Hotter, Younger…..well…at least when I look in the rear view mirror rockin’ out to 80’s music.

If you’ve ever had your makeup done by me, you know I never ever ever use one shade on your lips, it’s always some crazy mix. I love seeing what colors do when you mix em up. Ones you would never think would work, turn out  really kickin’

Baby Sparks, Funtabulous, and Get Rich MAC


Mixing your glosses gets you a wider range of color, and a more interesting and original shade. Get at least 3 shades of gloss, a brown, a purple, and a peachy pink. Mix 2 of them, wear them alone or over a lipstick you’re not too excited about, or mix all 3 together like I did with these 3 gems by MAC.

Got a brown lipstick in a gift with purchase you aren’t too excited about? Add a beige pink shimmery gloss over it (like Baby Sparks, here)

Purple gloss? Too scary? Mix it with a tan or brown, and get a very wearable “face awakening” shade.

Too bright? Tone it down with a neutral shade. You get the drill.

Glossy lips perk up your face, and make your sunglasses look better.

Silly, I know, but try on your sunglasses without gloss and look in the rear view mirror….bleh, right?

Now get all glossed up, put on those Ray Ban Aviators, and you will feel like a rock star even if your kid just threw up goldfish and cotton candy in the back seat, mama.

Bloodshot Eyes
Eyedrops are a must during allergy season. I love Rohto cooling in the blue package. Makes your eyes WHITE WHITE WHITE! Get the red out ladies, look rested.

Photo courtesy of Debs ♪’s

Loves Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner for Face and Decollete. Try it three nights a week as a nighttime moisturizer and use a sunscreen during the day! Glowy Glowy.