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A beauty icon of mine crossed over today. God speed, beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. Your beauty was unrivaled. Best Eyebrows EVER.

Kathy wanted a fun look for her bachelorette night out, one week before her wedding. The pop of chartreuse on the inner corner of her top lid really makes her green eyes “pop”. Hope you have a fun night, girlfriend!

On Eyes: Savage cream eyeshadow, Kyoto pencil, Star Sailor Duo Eyeshadow(metallic khaki), Rated R duo Eyeshadow(metallic chartreuse) All by NARS and Bobbi Brown gel liner in Ivy. Inner rims of top and bottom lashline lined in YSL Kohl liner in black. Black mascara, and false eyelashes by MOD in #53(top lashes only)

On cheeks: Orgasm blush and Laguna Bronzer by NARS

On Lips: Caraibe lip Lacquer by NARS mixed with Galaxy Girl lipstick also by NARS

Ever put on gloss and it grabs to those gunky flakes on your lips, giving you a less than smooth look? It’s kinda gross right? Not to mention when you try to wear a matte red lipstick and it skips over your lips like guide bumps on a highway…or whatever those things are called.

Fun and yummy solution? Sour Patch kids, covered in sugar, act like a sugar scrub and then followed by a lip balm is a mini “lipcial” Then you simply eat the little gummy!
Don’t do it too much or you’ll rub those lips plum off your face! Once or twice a week should be fine, or 3 nights a week before bedtime.(but don’t forget to brush your choppers!!)

Get them in the bulk section at Central Market

The super scrumptious exfoliating candy!!

Amy had her bridal portraits done after her wedding for a few reasons. Before the wedding, things were too hectic to get them done, and the August weather wasn’t very pleasant for outdoor photos, which were her preference.

We met at Shampoo salon in Fort Worth, where Kari Kinney did her hair, and I followed with her makeup. She wanted a similar look to her wedding look, but less theatrical, more timeless than vintage.

Photographer Jill johnson met us at Shampoo, and discussed Amy’s vision for her photos and they went on location (LOVE the shiny red garage door!) and then back to Jill’s studio for variety.

I think the photos came out great. I love working with all the stylists at Shampoo, and with Jill. It was a fun day, we were relaxed, and I think Amy enjoyed it as well, and she got some great shots to remember this special time. I think she looks lovely, and like she is enjoying herself in the photos!

I love Halloween!

You don’t have to be ghoulish to be in the Halloween spirit, just load up on the eyeliner, glitter, false eyelashes, wig, if you have one, or rat your hair, don a black witch hat and a little black dress and be a fabulous witch!

If you wear a wig, PLEASE wear a wig cap underneath, and wear lashes and plenty of makeup. You need balance when donning a wig, your face has to compete with all that big hair!

Have a Happy Halloween!! Put on some makeup!!

My look for Halloween is Purple Medusa:

On Eyes: Santorini single eyeshadow by NARS, applied both wet and dry over Stila powder pot in Purple Pumps, Night Breed single eyeshadow by NARS, Himalayas single eyeshadow by NARS, Longwearing gel eyeliner by Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliner in Baked, False lashes by Ardell, Carbon Black Voluminous mascara by L’Oreal

Cheeks: Sin and Orgasm blushes by NARS

On Lips: NARS lip lacquer in Chica Boom looks black, but goes on grape. SUPER shiny and long wearing.

Face: Shu Uemura Pro Concealer, and Jane Iredale “Beyond Matte” HD mineral powder in translucent

Photos, Copy and Styling by Fort Worth Stylist and Photographer Rachel Peters, Hair by Shampoo, Makeup by Amy.

Ivana is a gorgeous model. When I did her makeup for the shoot, everyone loved the look so much, I reproduced it on everyone. Red lips seem to be a running theme in my life lately. Take a look at this Modern Meets Vintage spread.

Check out Rachel A.K.A. “Ray Ray”

And get good hair at Shampoo

Here me now.

No matter what coloring you are.

Plain Jane? Glamourous?

Voluptuous? Flat chested? Beanpole?

Thin lips? Huge lips?

You can all wear red lipstick. And it gives you power. Instant style.

Find the right shade. Try it on. Every woman needs one, at least one.

When trying on red lipstick, here are the things you must do to make it a little easier to decipher what looks good on you.

1. Wear foundation. Evening out your skin, and getting rid of any redness will keep the lip color from “competing”, and drawing attention to any imperfections.

2. Wear some eyeliner, at least in the top lashline, and mascara. You need balance. Lips are the focus, but wearing nothing else on the face makes it overwhelming to just have RED LIPS.(see photos)

3  If you try one on, and don’t like it, take it off using eye makeup remover. Re apply foundation or concealer and a little powder so you don’t have a “ring” of redness around your next shade. The next shade will look like crap.

4  Take a trusted friend with you, or have someone you trust to help you.(like me!! “wink wink”)

5 You don’t have to match your red to your clothes. Find a shade that looks good on you. You  can wear it with a white shirt and jeans, or that little black dress.

Some of my favorites:

MAC: Russian Red

NARS:  I love the Velvet Matte pencils. They are essentially lipstick in a “sharpenable” pencil form. Matte, long wearing, and easy to create symmetry when applying. No need for a pencil AND a lipstick. Great accessory to another lipstick. Comes in several shades of red.

Cruella(true red) Red Square(orange red) Forbidden Red(blue red)Damned (cabernet)

Nars also makes a few Lip Stain Glosses which aren’t really glossy at all. The “Gloss” in the name refers to the delivery system. It comes in a tube with a sponge tip wand. They are really indelible, and bleed resistant if applied correctly.  Pull out the wand and dab sponge tip with a tissue. Apply color until the desired strength. You can apply it sheer or strong. When it dries, it’s really matte.

Those are just a few of my favorites, go to your favorite counter and try some on. I recently saw a post on Facebook where some woman said, “I wish I looked good in red lipstick”

I call bullshit, ladies.

I did a photoshoot on Saturday, and put red lipstick on everyone there. Everyone looked so polished, so strong.

It doesn’t have to be FIRE ENGINE RED. Find one that suits you. Having a signature “go to” lipstick is like choosing a fragrance. it’s yours. Own it , girl.

A gorgeous shot of Amy, photographed by Stacy Conner. Hair by Shampoo. Makeup by Amy Williams.

Congratulations Amy, you look stunning!

Seems there’s a trend going on, bride’s seem to be diggin’ on the Mad Men phenomenon and the look seems to work on just about everyone.

Amy Buresh was referred to me by Shampoo Salon, where Kari is doing her hair today. I went up to the Sheraton to do her makeup this morning, and found great bone structure, strong, deep set eyes,perfectly threaded brows, and a sparkling and inviting smile.

Amy is not a big makeup wearer, and I used minimal products for this look. Not much as far as eyeshadow, liquid liner smudged a little bit on the outer corners with a black eyeshadow, and lots of mascara.

I used the new HD ready powder by Jane Iredale, and I gotta say, it’s miraculous for “erasing” pores. She was a little iffy about red lips, but I used Damned Velvet Matte Pencil by NARS(a deep wine), topped off with Indian Red Lip Stain Gloss by NARS(a deep brick red) and it was exactly right on her.

Later I will post her finished look, but she isn’t finished with Kari at Shampoo yet. I can’t wait to see her hair!

Amy Buresh

I had the honor of doing Halie’s makeup for her wedding in York Harbor, Maine. She wore a tea length dress, a vintage styled hairpiece, and wanted makeup to reflect the feel of her wedding as well as her attire. It was a classic Americana event.

I think she looks straight out of Mad Men. She touched up her red lips throughout the evening, but the rest of her makeup was fresh and simple. Minimal upkeep.

Congratulations, Halie, I love you!!