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my new secret weapon

Yep, That’s right, Aspirin.

I haven’t taken aspirin for a headache, and I’m not sure why we have it on hand, but I was up Googling what “home remedies” to try for the crop of zits that has taken over the right side of my chin. Seriously, 10 zits.

So I crushed up an aspirin with the back of a spoon(I felt so Sid and Nancy) and made a paste. I put the paste on that family of zits and let it dry.

I rubbed it a little for gentle exfoliation to remove it and then…….

…..It was as if the pimple fairy came and just sucked all the yuck out of those Pimpletons and told them to move the hell outta town. GONE. Immediate gratification. Sayonara.

I did a little more reading, and seems you should only reserve this method for emergencies, because, transdermally, you could “take” a little too much aspirin. But we’re not talking about chronic acne, we are talking about that “morning-of-the-wedding-oh-shit-I-have-a-zit” zit.

Don’t crush 10 aspirin and put it all over your face like a mask, you junkie.

Spot treat a zit and walk away. It’s MIRACULOUS.<---I apologize for the caps, but it's that good. Now go wash your face, put down those french fries, and go to bed.

Lately I have been slacking. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at Target the other day, and thought, “jeez, my daughter simply can’t have such a scrungy looking example in her face. I can do a little better than this!!”

I always have time to dab a little concealer on the inner corners of my eyes, and on either side of my nose. Getting rid of the redness, I look less sick. THEN, I can throw my lash curler, eyeliner,  NARS Malibu multiple stick, and MAC Get Rich Quick gloss, in my bag to add some color at traffic lights.

NARS the Multiple is a product tested for safety around eyes, lips and the face. I haven’t used in in a few years, but it’s back in my bag again, living up to the Allure “Best in Beauty” title it’s earned year after year. This particular one, Malibu, has just enough bronze and pink to add color without having to blend for 10 minutes. It’s mistake proof. I have to put a gloss over it on my lips, but everywhere else, using just your fingers, it gives you a more finished look.

NARS The Multiple in Malibu