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Seems there’s a trend going on, bride’s seem to be diggin’ on the Mad Men phenomenon and the look seems to work on just about everyone.

Amy Buresh was referred to me by Shampoo Salon, where Kari is doing her hair today. I went up to the Sheraton to do her makeup this morning, and found great bone structure, strong, deep set eyes,perfectly threaded brows, and a sparkling and inviting smile.

Amy is not a big makeup wearer, and I used minimal products for this look. Not much as far as eyeshadow, liquid liner smudged a little bit on the outer corners with a black eyeshadow, and lots of mascara.

I used the new HD ready powder by Jane Iredale, and I gotta say, it’s miraculous for “erasing” pores. She was a little iffy about red lips, but I used Damned Velvet Matte Pencil by NARS(a deep wine), topped off with Indian Red Lip Stain Gloss by NARS(a deep brick red) and it was exactly right on her.

Later I will post her finished look, but she isn’t finished with Kari at Shampoo yet. I can’t wait to see her hair!

Amy Buresh

Lately I have been slacking. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at Target the other day, and thought, “jeez, my daughter simply can’t have such a scrungy looking example in her face. I can do a little better than this!!”

I always have time to dab a little concealer on the inner corners of my eyes, and on either side of my nose. Getting rid of the redness, I look less sick. THEN, I can throw my lash curler, eyeliner,  NARS Malibu multiple stick, and MAC Get Rich Quick gloss, in my bag to add some color at traffic lights.

NARS the Multiple is a product tested for safety around eyes, lips and the face. I haven’t used in in a few years, but it’s back in my bag again, living up to the Allure “Best in Beauty” title it’s earned year after year. This particular one, Malibu, has just enough bronze and pink to add color without having to blend for 10 minutes. It’s mistake proof. I have to put a gloss over it on my lips, but everywhere else, using just your fingers, it gives you a more finished look.

NARS The Multiple in Malibu