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Ever put on gloss and it grabs to those gunky flakes on your lips, giving you a less than smooth look? It’s kinda gross right? Not to mention when you try to wear a matte red lipstick and it skips over your lips like guide bumps on a highway…or whatever those things are called.

Fun and yummy solution? Sour Patch kids, covered in sugar, act like a sugar scrub and then followed by a lip balm is a mini “lipcial” Then you simply eat the little gummy!
Don’t do it too much or you’ll rub those lips plum off your face! Once or twice a week should be fine, or 3 nights a week before bedtime.(but don’t forget to brush your choppers!!)

Get them in the bulk section at Central Market

The super scrumptious exfoliating candy!!

I just bought 3 new lip glosses at MAC, and I feel like a new woman. Skinnier, Hotter, Younger…..well…at least when I look in the rear view mirror rockin’ out to 80’s music.

If you’ve ever had your makeup done by me, you know I never ever ever use one shade on your lips, it’s always some crazy mix. I love seeing what colors do when you mix em up. Ones you would never think would work, turn out ┬áreally kickin’

Baby Sparks, Funtabulous, and Get Rich Quick...by MAC


Mixing your glosses gets you a wider range of color, and a more interesting and original shade. Get at least 3 shades of gloss, a brown, a purple, and a peachy pink. Mix 2 of them, wear them alone or over a lipstick you’re not too excited about, or mix all 3 together like I did with these 3 gems by MAC.

Got a brown lipstick in a gift with purchase you aren’t too excited about? Add a beige pink shimmery gloss over it (like Baby Sparks, here)

Purple gloss? Too scary? Mix it with a tan or brown, and get a very wearable “face awakening” shade.

Too bright? Tone it down with a neutral shade. You get the drill.

Glossy lips perk up your face, and make your sunglasses look better.

Silly, I know, but try on your sunglasses without gloss and look in the rear view mirror….bleh, right?

Now get all glossed up, put on those Ray Ban Aviators, and you will feel like a rock star even if your kid just threw up goldfish and cotton candy in the back seat, mama.