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I had the wonderful honor of doing the makeup of Katie Schmid and her bridal party at the home of her mother, Claire. I did her sister Mary’s makeup for her wedding, and we did it the same way, at her mother’s home, friends coming and going, listening to music, and relaxing.
The wedding was at 6pm, so we got an early start to make sure the party could leave for photos by 2:30pm. Amazing hairstylist Sarah Walker-Brittain of the Bee’s Knees Hair Studio in Fort Worth was booked for the entire day, and did everyone’s hair based on their taste. Makeup was also done based on the individual’s style. The styles ran the gamut, there were the “I NEVER wear makeup” variety, and The “I LOVE makeup and wear a TON” types as well.

I pride myself in doing exactly what the client wants. I don’t want to freak anyone out, or make them feel uncomfortable asking to change something. I really don’t get offended if it’s not what you envisioned, and you would like me to change it. I ultimately want you to feel beautiful, and not at all self concious.

Mary, for instance(First photos in the gallery) loves a dark dramatic eye. False lashes, lots of blush. She wants to look like she’s wearing makeup.

The Bride’s sister in law, on the other hand, (Second person) wears no makeup on a regular basis, so I just accentuated her beautiful features, and evened out her skin.

The photos of Katie(she’s the last one) show her without false lashes, and with. Most of the girls opted for lashes, and I provide those. I just wanted to show what a difference they make.

The gallery below is an example of a well planned and executed relaxing wedding day preparation. Congratulations Katie Schmid-Coffee!!

Diane and Merrit called me to do their makeup for Diane’s son’s(Merritt’s brother’s) wedding in Grapevine.

Neither woman wears much makeup on a regular basis, but wanted to be “freshened up”, and evened out.

These are 2 examples of simple wedding attendee makeup, strong eyeliner on the top lashline only, a little color on the lids, lots of mascara on curled lashes, brows filled in with powder.

NARS PRIMER, a light application of foundation, powder, concealer, blush and bronzer on the face

On lips I used NARS velvet matte pencils with gloss to finish.

I want to thank Merritt for bringing her adorable kids to their appt, Harper had a blast!! HAve a safe trip back to Washington, it was great meeting you!

I hope the wedding was fun, and the rain didn’t put too much of a damper on things. If it did, at least your makeup stayed put!