Amy, Harper and Spencer Williams

Amy, Harper and Spencer Williams. Photo Courtesy of 360 West Magazine and Jill Johnson

Ladies, when you have kids, it’s all too easy to forgo makeup and run out the door. Am I right? Me, I refuse to sacrifice self-esteem when faced with the grueling schedule of a mom. If you find the right products and tools, you can make yourself look fresh in just minutes with a little instruction and practice. Taking a few minutes to make myself look fresh in the morning changes my outlook for the day. Pretty is as pretty does (and pretty feels)!

As a makeup expert, I have the knack for instructing people on how to apply their makeup beautifully and efficiently, giving them the tools they need to make themselves look beautiful — on their own and on a daily basis — no matter what their style might be.

I like trends as much as the next person, but accentuating your best features while blending away imperfections is a timeless skill. I can, will and do apply what’s hot & trendy right now, but I prefer finding what looks most beautiful and effortless on each woman. No matter if that means the ooh-la-la of smoky eyes and false eyelashes, or the elegant style of fresh and simple makeup. You should wear makeup, not the other way around.

My clients are not only stylish women going out for a special evening or brides wanting to look their best for photos and wedding-related events. They are moms. Moms who need refreshing. Moms who deserve to look — and feel — their very best every day.